Our Family

Riz and Hubby…We have so much fun together! 

wp-1487615968497.gifIt is so amazing to find someone equally as weird as you, it makes life so much fun.

We are a blended family; I have 4 kids, he has 3, and together we have one..and 3 dogs, one fish, and a turtle. I recently decided to homeschool my kids, as well as run a business, crochet and sew, do hair, and dream of living on a bus and traveling with my family! I have tattoos and piercings, dye my hair and read my bible daily. I love my kids with all my heart and sometimes fall short but I try my hardest! I am madly in love with my best friend and am thankful for such a wonderful person to be an example for my kids.

Hubby is silly and crazy and makes me laugh every day. One day he decided to start a motorized bike business and it has been so much fun! It’s so rewarding working with him and creating something from scratch for people. Soon we are adding electric skateboards, I cant wait!


wp-1487625188032.jpegIzzy is the oldest of my 5, almost 16 (he does not like to take pictures lol) He is an independent young man and loves to learn about history. He is in “10th grade”, learning the state standards but also learning computer programming and reading above 10th. He is getting his work permit and working on his resume. He is a sweet, funny, and bright kid!



Mr Brick is my comedian. He is goofy, silly and extremely bright! He is 13, in “8th grade” and  loves math. He too has started computer programming and really enjoys it. He has trouble staying on task sometimes but is working on time management and focus. He truly has an amazing personality and is such a sweet kid!





Miss A

wp-1487625274675.jpegMiss A has a personality like no other. Coming from someone who was very shy, I have no idea where she got it from lol. She makes the silliest faces and can make me laugh so hard. She is my creative learner and loves art. She is in “6th grade” but doing 7th grade math. Everyday she is making something different from baking to slime to art. She is 12 and is in 4th level gymnastics and is a graceful competitor.






Mr Kernel (nicknamed for sticking a popcorn kernel up his nose lol) is a sweet loving little guy. He is 6 going on pre-teen but is doing so well in his first year of school. He loves math and is already reading like a champ. He is silly and loves story time when we can be silly together! He is his little brothers best friend!





Mr pudge nugget just turned a year old, it went by so fast. He is such a happy little guy and loves his older siblings! He also loves food…does not love teething lol He dances and plays hide and seek and patty cake. He loves to play with all the dogs and learning how to be soft! We have tile where we live so learning to walk is kind of challenging but hes getting there. He sleeps best when on mommy, she’s soft.




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