CA Homeschool Seminar

During the coming month of March, our church, homeschool group, and family have the unique opportunity of reaching out to the surrounding area and assisting them in a newfound adventure called homeschooling. That’s right, we’re hosting CHEA of California’s Homeschool Informational Seminar, and we’re please as punch! What is a homeschool informational seminar? Pretty much how it sounds. […]

via Homeschool Informational Seminar — A Homeschool Moma

I am so pleased to be apart of such a great community. I love to read about what other homeschool families are doing and accomplishing.

I just came across this post about a Homeschool Seminar…this is awesome! If it has been on your heart to homeschool, have questions or doubt that you can homeschool, and are in the area, I encourage you to go and hear what its all about!

If you attend I would LOVE to hear about. Please come back and share your story.

-Riz I2AEThomeschool


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