Our Curriculum

I researched and searched and read what others were using for curriculum and couldn’t find something to fit us. One day I ran across this website of a mother who has been homeschooling her kids from the beginning. She created the site to save the curriculum for her younger kids as they grew. It is completely free and amazing because you can create your own curriculum based on your kids. Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool. My kids are in 10th, 8th, 6th and kindergarten so finding something to accommodate all of them and not require me to spend every second designing it was great! It’s so easy to uses too!


All of the courses are listed on the right side for easy access. side-barShe has it set up per grade and per course so if your child/children are advanced in some areas you can mix and match your curriculum. Starting with pre-school all the way through high school, you can homeschool your child/children, for FREE, how you and your kid(s) need.

Here is how we have our year set up:

Izzy- 10th

The high school  courses are individual so we tailored Izzy’s classes to his needs, learning, and state requirements.


Brick- 8th

Brick, as well, does individual courses based on state requirements and his learning level.


Miss A- 6th

For Miss A, it is her first year in middle school. After looking up our state requirements we tailored her year to fit her needs. Her courses are individual and not through the 6th grade tab.

  • Science- Biology level M
  • Math- Middle school- step 2 (step 1 is 6th grade level but Miss A is advanced in Math)
  • English- Language Arts 6
  • History- Ancient History level M 
  • Electives- Foundation
  • 2nd Language- ASL (In middle school you are not required a 2nd language, however Miss A wanted to learn American Sign Language and then Spanish in High School)
  • Reading- We have a reading challenge and book reports we do together based on each kids reading level. 


Kernel- Kindergarten 

For Kindergarten I decided the Easy Peasy course wasn’t as advanced as we needed for Kernel. I had already been working on numbers and letters so I created my own course for him. Through a site called teachers pay teachers I found “letter hats” where Kernel could wp-1487633511599.jpegcolor the letter of the day and the pictures that started with that letter. Through Easy Peasy I downloaded and printed the letter of the day activities as well. I did a different letter every day, Monday through Thursday and then did review on Friday of the 4 letters. I created my own math worksheets and found a lot on Pinterest too, come follow my Homeschool board 🙂 The picture on the left shows Kernel matching his lower case letters to his capital letters. I would put all capital letters on one side and all lower case letters on the other and mix them up, then Kernel would match them. It helped a lot to recognize the capital and lower case letters separately. Once he had his letters down I used Easy Peasy’s McGuffy Primers words and reading to get him started on his sight words and reading. We did a lesson a week to not rush and make sure he understood the words. I also created pencil pouch activities to teach him his words and math. I will write a post on those soon 🙂 I also found a guy on youtube, Jack Hartmann, who has awesome videos and that’s how Kernel learned his days of the week and more.


I hope enjoyed this post and it was helpful. If you have any questions please feel free to ask! 





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